Game Balancer at Goodgame Studios

  • System design for a duel game and a farming simulator
  • Documentation of all information, tables, formulas and flows
  • Creating lightweight applications with php for analysis purposes
  • Supporting the community management in the official boards
  • Creating a concept for data tracking incl. documentation
  • Consulting other game teams with ideas, discussions, solutions
  • Interpreting KPI’s, analysing problems and presenting solutions


Game Balancer / Game Designer at Cloud Prophets

  • Creating gamification concepts for a gambling based web portal
  • System design and game design based on this gambling topic
  • Documentation and presentation of all relevant information
  • Creating UI suggestions with mockups and click dummies
  • Preparing a tracking concept together with PM/PjM


Private Projects and Experiences

  • Diablo 1: 
    • Part of the foundation team of the (unofficial) duel league
    • Conception the system behind (modus operandi)
    • Collecting and confirming results via EMail
  • The 4th Coming:
    • Realizing some (unofficial) guild features in cooperation with the publisher, e.g. guild tag, guild storage
    • Prepare and arrange some player driven (rpg-)events which were affecting the servers history
  • Dark Age of Camelot:
    • Theory crafting for competitive PvP and PvE
    • Creating small tools for calculations
    • Consulting other players, e.g. in discussion boards
    • Leading a lot of raids for up to 200 players at once